Physiotherapist in Dumfries and Cummertrees

** June 2024 - Clinics open for appointments **


Welcome to Solway Physiotherapy Clinic,

are you looking for a Physiotherapist in Dumfries and the surrounding areas? 


If you're in pain or have suffered an injury that you need help recovering from,

look no further than Marion Hamilton, Solway Physiotherapy Clinic. 



Solway Physiotherapy Clinic has been established for over 30 Years and during this time has helped people across the region recover from injuries ranging from minor strains and pains to arthritic and degenerative conditions. Marion has a wealth of experience when it comes to physiotherapy.



Just some of the conditions we can provide treatment for

Solway Physiotherapy Clinic

Sports Injuries

Solway Physiotherapy Clinic

Arthritis Treatment

Solway Physiotherapy Clinic

Neurological Conditions

Solway Physiotherapy Clinic


Solway Physiotherapy Clinic

Back and Neck Pain

Solway Physiotherapy Clinic

Headaches and Migraines

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With clinic premises at Cummertrees and also in Dumfries, anyone who requires assistance with pain relief and dealing with physical ailments is welcome to get in touch to make an appointment or to discuss their requirements.


To get in touch with Solway Physiotherapy Clinic,  please call 07850 868755, or use the the 'Contact Us' page, alternatively you can send an email to



Important Clinic Information

Occasionally, our clinic premises are used by other Medical Professionals outwith usual opening hours.

On such occasions you can find the relevant information here


Saturday, 15th June 2024  (times to be confirmed)

Medical Professional:

Mr D Sandher, Medics Network

Appointment Information:

 If you wish to cancel or amend an appointment which you have booked in for this clinic, please contact the telephone number shown on your appointment letter directly.   Please do not contact Solway Physiotherapy Clinic regarding your appointment.  Thank you.